“That grappling with place, front and centre, that is what they will always be reflecting in their work and that is worthwhile. It is not landscape painting in a literal sense at all. It is much deeper than that." Ingrid Hoffman - Director, Kickarts Contemporary Arts

Savannah Country

Savannah Country - The art of Julie Poulsen and Jenny Valmadre tells the story of a collaborative exhibition between North Queensland artists Julie Poulsen and Jenny Valmadre. On the road from Cairns and Cooktown lies savannah grasslands and the Desailly Range, the country which was the starting point for these artists. This documentary gives rare insights into the artistic processes as they move from early conception to completion of a significant body of work to be seen at the Cairns Regional Gallery.

Producer-Director / Catherine Hunter

Cinamatographer and Editor / Bruce Inglis

Cover images / Poulsen and Valmadre

Duration / 27 minutes

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