“It's for the love doing and if you knew you could do it, i suppose you wouldn't do it. It's something to do with the challenge Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley - A Life in Paint

“She used to say to me that she had greedy eyes” Cressida Campbell, artist

Margaret Olley - A Life in Paint is an intimate documentary about one of Australia’s greatest painters. A well-known figure from the time she was painted by William Dobell in 1948, Olley’s celebrity status tended to overshadow her life as a painter. This documentary puts Margaret Olley the painter on centre stage. Many believe her last works – those painted in the 18 months leading up to her death on 26 July 2011 – were amongst her finest works.

I felt the paintings were becoming translucent almost like her skin – there were just layers that were coming through and they became more and more beautiful towards the end,” .................... Ben Quilty, artist

Margaret Olley speaks passionately about her compulsion to paint. Emeritus Curator Barry Pearce takes the viewer on a deeply personal journey through Margaret’s beloved house in Paddington, the Hat Factory. And those closest to Margaret – her art dealer for more than three decades, Philip Bacon; close friend Christine France and fellow artist Cressida Campbell – recall a much-loved friend who remained intrigued by the complexity of painting to the very end.

Producer-Director / Catherine Hunter
Cinematography / Bruce Inglis
Editor / Paolo Febbo

Duration / 54 minutes
©2012 Catherine Hunter Productions Pty Ltd
DVD Sales / chunter@yesno.com.au


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Margaret Olley, Poppies in Spanish Jug, 2011
©The Margaret Olley Estate
©2012 Catherine Hunter Productions Pty Ltd