Roger Law - A Law Unto Himself

Roger Law was the co-creator of Britain's legendary satirical puppet show Spitting Image. At its peak the show had 12 million viewers, spinoffs in Europe and Australia, and a legion of fans. It lampooned leaders of the day: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr and memorably, the Royal Family. When the show finally crashed in 1996, Law, exhausted and burnt out, moved to Australia seeking artistic reinvention. He found a country teeming with wildlife as surreal as anything he'd created for Spitting Image. He started drawing again.

A meeting with Chinese-Australian artist Ah Xian led to an introduction to China's Jingdezhen, a whole city famously devoted to making porcelain. Fired by the expertise of the potters and carvers of Jingdezhen, Roger Law immersed himself in making decorative pots tfeaturing Australian sealife designs.

In A Law Unto Himself, Law tells his story with wit and wisdom - from the exhaustion of Spitting image, to a journey of discovery in Australia, to China and finally to the preparation for an exhibtion of his ceramics at the revered Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Winner of the 2012 Australian Screen Editors Guild Adobe Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Program

Writer-Director / Catherine Hunter
Producer / Carolyn Johnson
Cinematography / Bruce Inglis
Editor / Andrea Lang ASE
Composer / Amanda Brown

Duration / 27 minutes
Directors Interview / 12 mins
Additional scenes / 18 mins
©2011 Carolyn Johnson Films and Catherine Hunter Productions Pty Ltd
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Cover Image / 2011 Self portrait © Roger Law      
©2013 Catherine Hunter Productions Pty Ltd